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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

7 Ways to Cope Effectively during Raining Season to Avoid Illness

7 Ways on How to Cope Effectively during Raining Season to Avoid Illness
We have gone ahead to compile 7 ways you can cope effectively during raining season to avoid illness, knowing that the rainy season is a season we all look forward to, most especially those in the Agricultural circle because it’s a very important season in our lives as it is the ideal time for farming and planting crops that will supply us with the needed food that we eat on a daily basis.  As it is the ideal time for planting, germination, breeding and growth of both plants and animals  it comes with its own unpleasant surprises like getting cut up in the rain, cold, flu and other illness associated with the season.
Most of us enjoy the downpour but the infection and the illness that it brings is the main problem. This becomes all the more problematic when there are small children at home. The common illnesses are cold, flu, diarrhea and some other water borne and air borne diseases too. However, the sudden change of temperature is the main cause behind getting sick and catching cold and the impurities in water causes stomach and digestive problems.  However, if you take certain precautions during rainy season, you can keep illnesses away from you. Read on to find some tips for coping effectively with the rainy season and avoid illness
To avoid illness during rainy season you have to save yourself from sudden increase in temperature and humidity. You should take some sickness preventing steps so that you can avoid the health problems as much as you can.

7 Ways to Cope effectively during Rainy Season to avoid illness: 
Some common illnesses cannot be completely avoided during rainy season. Here are some tips that will help you to cope effectively with the rainy season.

1. Like Boy’s Scout “Always Be Prepared” during Rainy Season
When you are going out, you should be prepared and well geared so that even if you are caught up in the rain, you will not be hit so hard or get drenched. This is very important. This will save you from many infections. It’s always wise to start buying items like umbrellas, rain booth and coat Shower cap for the ladies. Check and make sure you pack this items inside your bag, car etc before you leave the house.

2. Drink more of purified water
To save yourself from water borne diseases which is so paramount during the rainy season try to purify the drinking water up to the a maximum level. There are many new and improved water filters available in the market. They are not only economical they are useful also. If you do not have any water purifying system at home, you should buy one this rainy season. If you can’t afford a filter you can also boil water at home and allow it to cool before drinking. This can help you get somewhat relief from infections.

3. Take Extra Care of Your Loved Ones
Make sure you teach your loved ones especially the children good environmental and personal hygiene during this season. Sickness is something no one wishes for. But if any of your loved one is sick in your home, try to give him or her complete comfort, give him or her some home-made cures or first aid and keep the sick one warm especially when it is cold or flu. Do not take any kind of unnecessary risk and “if the symptoms persist after 24 hours, consult the doctor” I know this cliché will sound like a nursery rhyme to many people’s ears but when it comes to health issues nothing can be overemphasized . Health expert believes depression and sickness are mostly associated with each other so you can put on light and soothing music to help him or her feel relaxed.

4. Keep Yourself and Your Environment Clean 
If you sense that the cause of any illness you are experiencing in your home is lack of cleanliness, either inside or outside the house, get it rectified first. Cleanliness in every aspect is extremely important during rainy season because it’s easier for most bacteria and mold to breed during this season. Always wear clean and dry clothes. If possible, keep one extra set of clothing with you when you go out so that even if you get caught in rain, you can change into dry clothes.

5. Eat Healthy and Stay Fit
Increase intake of green vegetables and fruits during this season as this will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. It is good to eat easily digestive food items in this season. Avoid eating out at any cost. Be disciplined and exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you keep away many diseases. 
6. Precaution to take After you are caught up in Rain
If you are caught in rains and get drenched, you should take your bath immediately you get home it’s advisable to do it with warm water and get your hair and body dry completely. Wear dry and clean clothes and if you have been in rain for more time, drink some hot drink preferably hot milk, soup or so. This will save you from catching cold.  This is a very good remedy and you should take hot drink at night before going to bed during the raining season.

7. Be Up to Date with the Weather News
The raining season is also a good time to make the weather man your best friend even though no one is excellent at predicting nature but the weather man have been accurate to a certain degree.

We hope these tips will help you stay safe and protected through the Rainy season, it’s well said – Prevention is better than cure. If you follow these principles you will be saved from many hassles. You can also contribute to this post by sharing your own tips on how you can stay safe during the rainy season. If you found this article Helpful don’t hesitate to SHARE it with your loved ones.

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