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About Us

Its time for new Africa .. No African time...#WeAreTheNewAfrica

#ItsTimeForNewAfrica . #VivaAfrica. #TakingCivilizationBackToTheRoots.  Africa is regarded as the cradle of civilization because it scored a lot of first(s) in the shaping of this World we live in now and setting the structures in place for the Worlds civilization, growth and development.
Today Africa is nowhere to be found among the developed continents. We at LaVivaAfrica believe it’s time for young Africans both home and abroad to know the onus falls on them to drive the continent forward and bring about the needed Development, Inclusive Growth, Independence (Mental, Religious And Financial), Zero Tolerance To Corruption, Good Governance, Food For All, Adequate Health Care and above all believe that we Africans have what it takes to bring about this needed accelerated growth within ourselves, and pick up the mantle from where our forefathers stopped (In making Africa the Cradle of Civilization) through the use of technology and the New media at our disposal.
If you know you feel the pain that MAMA AFRICA feels come join our crusade to make Africa great again.
We looking for vibrant young Africans at heart, cut across every facet of life with genuine love for advancement, growth and development of Africa to volunteer and join us. Just go to any of our Social media handle join, like, subscribe, follow us or visit our website for more updates.
Make sure you LIKE and SHARE this post on your Social media Accounts, Pages and group to create the needed awareness in the minds of our people to rise up to the realities of the challenges being faced by our dear continent and to know #ItsTimeForNewAfrica  #VivaAfrica #TakingCivilizationBackToTheRoots #UnitedAfrica
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